Year in review (2017)


Few years ago I joined the army and had to leave after the first night due to anxiety. I had plans to stay there for a year and suddenly I had none. I spent all my time home playing video games and drawing fan art for Twitch streamers and I realised I was really good at both of those things which led me apply to study game art, animation and programming. I didn’t get straight in but only few months later the school called me there’s a spot open if I’m interested; it was time to move to Helsinki.

During our first project I realised team work isn’t for me. From day one I had big plans with big goals and wanted to be in charge of everything, fortunately my teacher saw my capabilities and allowed me to go solo moving forward. I learned programming incredibly quickly without any previous experience and ended up creating a dozen small mobile games within the first year.

On the second and final year it was time for the internship period of my studies which got me a little concerned; if I applied to a games company I couldn’t just be like “Hey guys I’d like to be your intern but also your boss, I’m sure that’s alright?”. Needless to say I found my own company Linnama Entertainment.

I contacted Lauri Vuohensilta if I could make a mobile game for the Hydraulic Press Channel (1.8M subscribers on YouTube). Almost four months later on April 17th 2017, Hydraulic Press Pocket was released and it reached over 100,000 downloads within the first week and over 1,000,000 downloads in a month. I graduated games school with over million downloads, I think that’s pretty cool. Later on November 5th 2017 I released Slingshots vs. Zombies for the Slingshot Channel (1.9M subscribers on YouTube).

Combined Linnama Entertainment’s games now have over 3,000,000 downloads and generated over $100,000 in revenue in 2017. I’ve also got at least three more mobile games planned for 2018 and I can’t wait to make a post about them on December 2018.

I may not be able to serve my country in a conflict but I hope my guest becoming the highest tax payer in Finland makes up for it. I also believe I didn’t get straight into the school because of my ambitious answer to “What will you be doing in a few years?” in which I predicted running my own company Linnama Entertainment, jokes on them. (I’m just kidding, maybe one of my drawings sucked)